The 600 pound woman on TLC: She ate herself to death

My Neighbour Is A Big Fat Ugly Pig

My Neighbour Is A Big Fat Ugly Pig (Photo credit: ♥♥peppersmom♥♥)

Today is Day 4 of mindful eating. I guess that’s what you’d call what I’m doing.  So far, I’ve been doing fine.

I realize it’s boredom that causes me to eat. Boredom causes a lot of people to overeat. I am also addicted to food.

Last night I caught the TLC series about the 600 woman, who must have been really bored.  She looked like she lived in Florida. She was not a native to the USA. When she came to the USA she was a normal size.  Fast food really turned her on. In between having her six children, she kept gaining weight.

By the time she got to 600 + pounds she took to her bed. Somehow she got her daughters to cook and feed her a terrible diet. They also got her food to go. She couldn’t even sit up.

I  can’t even get my kids to call me once a week,  They would never devote themselves to making me so fat. Besides, they would know they were doing something so destructive.  Her girls  seemed to adore their mother. I can’t understand why. What in the world did she do for them?  Why would they contribute to her fat? (Maybe that’s another post)

She was willful and it probably caused her death

Finally, the 600 pound woman goes in the operating room to have the bypass surgery. She has so much fat that they can’t find a vein to attach the IV to; it takes a long time.  It’s layers  upon layers of fat. Miraculously, the surgeon finds her stomach and does the surgery.

She is not happy during recovery. She is in pain, and doesn’t like that. Then, she doesn’t like rehab where she has to do some exercise. She is so irritated about the whole thing that she calls an ambulance to take her home. The doctor is incredulous. Now that she checked herself out of the rehab center what’s going to happen?

The next thing we know, we’re at her funeral. The question is whether the operation caused her death, her heavy weight, or it was a natural scheme of things. It’s just not healthy to be 600 pounds.

Similarities between her and me

I go to Tim Hortons when I’m feeling willful. I will get a vanilla creme chocolate donut.  After I’m done with that, my favorite beverage is the Mocha coffee at McDonalds with whipped cream and chocolate.

I weight 193 pounds, maybe less than that. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. I’ve accepted it: along with my sleep apnea, Gerd, and probably other problems.

In other words, I act like a willful child when I’m bored, mad, or frustrated. Just like this crazy woman. I don’t know what else you would call someone who gets to 600+ pounds and spends all their time in bed eating. But may she rip.

The only difference between her and me is I’m a little more sneaky.

Day 4

Today I will act like an adult, and write every thing I eat down.  I will keep mindful of what I’m eating.  No wheat or sugar!

I’m out to the gym.

Do you ever act like the 600 pound woman and act like a willful child? Please comment.


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